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About us

CryptoTec is not only a German FinTech. While we focus on solutions for secure communication and payment, our CryptoLib modules offer much more functionality beyond that to protect enterprise systems. In particular, the CryptoID enables services to become blockchain compatible. Our CryptoLib enables software developers to easily integrate secure cryptography, PKI and blockchain technology into their apps and cloud services.

Formal security proofs for our zero-knowledge technology and extensive pentesting ought to be as self-evident to any self-respecting company in the IT-security sector as they are to us. The distinction in our PKI between key material and certificates enables different keys for different services bundled in one identity. This minimizes the effort for authentication of users and devices while simplifying the automatic exchange or revocation of keys and certificates. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in building or buying blockchain solutions.

Products and services

CryptoTec Zone

• Electronic identity for distributed systems
• Protection against identity theft and forgery
• Web of trust and hierarchical trust model
(Trust Center)

CryptoTec Messenger
• Enables the rapid exchange of information
via internal chat
• Tap-proof end-to-end encrypted

CryptoTec Transfer
• Transfer of any file size
• Simple drag-and-drop data transfer
• Encrypted tunnel system

CryptoTec Workroom
• Automatically encrypted data exchange
• Workflow integration via files and folders
• No need for web browser-based access,
VPN clients or fileserver
• Protection against unauthorized third-party access

Blockchain & CryptoLib
• Cryptographic high-level library
• RSA-4096, AES-256, SHA-512
• Automated PKI

CryptoTec Conference
• PKI-based high security video conferencing for professional bearers of secrets such as notaries, tax consultants e.g.

CryptoTec Pay
• Fair currency exchange
• Simple and secure payments

CryptoTec Cipherbook
• Blockchain-platform
• Smart contracts

CryptoTec Zone secure exchange

CryptoTec Zone secure exchange

Our proprietary, secure CryptoTec Zone protocol has never been breached. Our solutions help customers comply with regulatory and industry data exchange requirements and standards such as FIPS 140-2 and Payment Card Industry (PCI).

CryptoTec Corporate communication’s digital immune system

CryptoTec Corporate communication’s digital immune system

CryptoTec Zone is based on our custom-developed cryptographic high-level library, which uses globally recognized cryptographic methods namely RSA-4096 asymmetric encryption, AES-256 symmetric encryption and SHA-512 cryptographic hash functions.

Our CryptoTec Zone encryption technology provides a robust wall of resistance to all types of cyberattacks. It relies exclusively on internationally recognized encryption standards that meet the most rigorous military requirements. Our solutions are based on a public key infrastructure, where keys are automatically exchanged so passwords are no longer needed. This ensures the trustworthiness, security and integrity of all communications.

CryptoTec Zone end-to-end protection guaranteed

CryptoTec Zone end-to-end protection guaranteed

CryptoTec Zone is currently the most secure communications platform on the market for the protection of data against unauthorized access. It allows closed user groups and users communicating in real time to edit files, send messages and store data with complete peace of mind.


CryptoTec AG
Habsburgerring 2
50674 Cologne

Phone: +49 221 2228383-0
Fax: +49 221 2228383-20

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