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Data Leakage Prevention - Control, Evidence and Overview also on Printouts
PrintWatch by itWatch enables you, to control the information in your company on the way to the printer, before they reach the paper. Once on paper as a long term “data store” it is marked individually. Thus, PrintWatch closes one of the last gaps, where sensitive company information can leak.

With PrintWatch it's your decision, which documents, on which printer, which user prints out and what additional information and watermarks are archived and added to the printout. Thus you are always informed on who, when, why, which document with what content, how many copies for whom, on which printer was printed. The solution logs all this data for every printout and stores it audit-proof. Printwatch identifies print commands for sensitive documents, sets them apart from those for uncritical documents, thus contributing consistently to your Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Cooperation Microsoft - itWatch
The innovative, patented itWatch Enterprise Security Suite, in short „itWESS“, builds a second independent bastion aside the in-built security features of Microsoft in Windows 10 .
“The implementation of the 2nd bastion in the Kernel of the operation system meets the current political wish of digital sovereignty, what is also asked for in industry and economy- because four eyes see better than two”, says Ramon Mörl (Managing Director of itWatch). Since 1997, itWatch’s security solutions form a second independent bastion, to the Windows operation system’s standard tools, which additionally protect the customers data and services on windows operating systems.

Windows 10 with its modularly constructed IT-Security solution itWESS of itWatch, which is 100% made in Germany and contains no third party code, demonstrate impressively how security solutions can supplement and support each other. The result is double security on its highest level and the achievement of the digital sovereignty.

Secure Mobile access - on any endpoint
At first sight mobility and security do not seem to go well together. At the RSA 2016 itWatch demonstrates that mobile access from any device – also a bootable USB Thumb Drive - can be protected so that even the access to SECRET classified networks, "on the move", on foreign hardware is possible securely.

Additionally security is enhanced with a new second re-authentication with any second factor when accessing a sensitive resource. The resource may be a file, an application, a device or any combination of that. The re-authentication may be performed using SMS, MMS, E-Mail, a secure authenticated device or any other second source which adds security.

Exhibitor: itWatch GmbH

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